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Don't Fall for Scareware

October 1st, 2014

The internet is both a wonderful and horrible place! On the wonderful side, it allow for loved ones to easily and constantly stay in touch no matter the distance between them. It allows many professional to do their jobs from anywhere in the world. And it is wealth of information, plus many other great things. It really has changed the way that the world works over the last few decades. On the horrible side it is filled with questionable/illegal material, viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and many other unpleasant thing.

There is also a very large number scams online that seem to pop-up in your browsers seemingly out of nowhere. These scams are commonly referred to as “scareware”, since they attempt to trick (or scare) you into taking some form of action that is usually you willingly handing over your credit card information. Sadly far too many people fall victim to these tactics.

In the last few days yet another scam has surfaced to try and trick you into giving up you hard earned money.  This new one come in the form of a pop-up with a message stating that “Your Email Account has been temporarily suspended due suspicious Activity...” and goes on to provide you with the “Microsoft Help Line” number to call for assistance.  

This is of course not a real Microsoft support line, this is instead someone who would like you to think it is.  Their hope is that you will be fooled enough into thinking that you are actually talking with a Microsoft technician so that when they ask you for your credit card information to pay for the service call you will happily hand it over.

Please note that Microsoft would never try to (nor could they) notify you through a pop-up about an issue with your undisclosed email account. For that matter they will also never call you to let you know that your computer is putting malware on the internet.

These scams only work because people fall for them. Please share this little bit of education to help protect you unknowing friends and family from falling victim to this and other forms of scareware.  

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