Empowering Security Excellence: Your Trusted Sophos Partner



  • Are your systems being backed up?

We offer peace of mind.  Allow us to worry about your system data so you can concentrate on your business. We monitor your company’s data backups, server health, software updates, critical hardware and software events, and virus or malicious software threats.  We’ll notify you regarding issues requiring immediate attention or trends that indicate potential problems.


Systems specialists are available during the day and after hours to offer technical support.


  • Are your systems outdated or slow, and are your aging servers interrupting your workday or the service you provide?  ---  We’ll find solutions that will get your business running smoothly with the least amount of interruption.
  • Are you starting a new business or relocating your company and needing a well-designed technology infrastructure?   ---  From servers to individual workstations and the network that connects them, design is one of the most important aspect of a reliable system.
  • Are peer-to-peer workstations no longer sufficient for your growing business?   ---  Moving to a server-based system may be intimidating and overwhelming, but we’ll help you understand how it works and help make an easy transition.


  • The physical network is key to an efficient workplace. We’ll find the right solution for your unique environment.
  • We'll ensure a secure local, wireless, and wide area network.


  • We offer a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure including servers, firewall, network, workstations and software.
  • Listening to your concerns and understanding your business is our top priority.
  • By assessing your infrastructure we can uncover potential issues and inform you of avoidable pitfalls.